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game masters
3 days ago

Game Masters: The Exhibition – Gaming Fun Beyond SDCC

Ever wanted to learn how video games are made and more about the people who actually make them? If so, then look no further. Game Masters: The Exhibition at the Fleet Science Center showcases the world’s best video game designers, from the arcade era to today’s console and online games. And with 100+ playable games, it’s game on! […]

heroes brew fest
3 days ago

Cheers to SDCC at Heroes Brew Fest

Have no fear, beer is here! If you’re looking to escape the Convention Center, yet still be a part of the SDCC action, then don’t miss out on the 5th Annual Heroes Brew Fest featuring beer, art, tech, music, and more on Saturday, July 22nd at Waterfront Park in San Diego! Heroes Brew Fest Just steps away from the […]

pirate con
6 days ago

Pirate Con Invades Downtown during SDCC

Watch OUT! The Pirates are coming! The Maritime Museum is hosting a brand new event! Pirate Con is invading downtown San Diego during San Diego Comic Con! It’s a themed party for adults aged 21 and up. To be held on Friday, July 21, 2017 from 8pm to midnight. The event will include costume contests and […]

7 days ago

Suicide Girls Coming to Dazzle at SDCC

The SuicideGirls are bringing back the SuicideGirls Blackheart Burlesque tour to the U.S.! Not only that, but they’re headed to San Diego Comic Con! This creative and sexy show has dazzled audiences around the world. It’s a nerdy fantasy spectacular that is not to be missed! Performing sexy striptease numers filled with pop-culture references. Celebrate Alternative […]

10378917_670774153015077_7354928499795549932_n copy
7 days ago

Pirates are Crossing the Narrow Sea at SDCC

Game of Thrones maybe airing in just a few days, but Daenerys is crossing the Narrow Seas at SDCC! Come join the ultimate Game of Thrones party during San Diego Comic-Con! Marked Men 7: Game of Thrones Comic Con Party! And become a part of the adventure! A Pirates Tale “Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen […]

Oliver Ridge
1 week ago

From England to Hollywood: Filmmaker Oliver Ridge

Here at the Nerd Out App, we love to celebrate the fact that we’re all geeks and nerds. We have our fandoms. We love movies, and comics, and sci-fi, and cosplay. Sometimes, we love to share new things with our fellow nerds, hoping they’ll enjoy the things we already love. As part of that effort, […]

rave of thrones omnia san Diego
1 week ago

I’ve Raved About This SDCC Event for a Year!

There is always one event during San Diego Comic Con that you tell everyone about. One event you ‘rave’ about dare I say. That event is Rave of Thrones at the Omnia! It’s Kristian Nairn‘s DJ set with a Game of Thrones theme. For those who aren’t clued into Westeros, Nairn plays Hodor in the hit […]

into the walker woods
1 week ago

SDCC Musicals You Don’t Want to Miss

“We may be going into the woods…but we sure aren’t going to granny’s!” One would not normally think ‘musicals’ when prepping for Comic Con. Yet, with the growing number of event outside of the convention you discover a whole universe of creativity. Enter in stage left, the Turning Tydes Theatre Company. Turning Tydes is a […]