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I thought why not do a Gossip Girl Party post! This can either be an evening party or brunch. Everyone loves brunch! Thought it’s been two and a half years since we last heard XOXO, I still love me some Gossip! You can of course pick one of the shows parties (Kiss on the Lips, Blair’s Bridal Shower, etc) to model you’re after, or you can just go for show theme as I have done here. Comment below with any other ideas or if you have a GG party!

Need to be Elegant, or fun if you make them look like text messages.
Dress Code
Instate a dress code, either favorite character inspired or just classy.
Tiffany’s Colors and Boxes
(inspired by Blair’s bridal shower)
You don’t have to get actual Tiffany’s boxes, just baby blue ones.
Print out at home or if you want to keep them, have them printed
on larger scale paper.
NYC Skyline Poster
(found on amazon)
XOXO Balloons
A nice statement piece for a party, as well as a nod to the show.
This can get expensive so be wary, and use baby’s breath to fill in
sparse flower arrangements since it’s cheaper.
There’s the official soundtrack put out by the show, or you can do artist
that have appeared on the show such as Lady Gaga, Leighton Meester,
and The Pretty Reckless.
Blair loves her macaroons, if you’re in Los Angeles, the best I’ve found
are from Sweet Salt in Toluca Lake.
Drinks, Drinks, Drinks
It’s not a GG party without drinks!
Waldorf Salad
I love me some Waldorf salad! I’m sure Blair loves it too!
Check out this recipe, http://www.food.com/
Who Am I? Guessing Game / Guess the Quote
You can either do a guess the character game by describing the character’s
actions or personality. Or you can pick quotes from the show and have your
guests guess who said it.
XOXO Jewelry
Shop Miss A is great for cheap party favors! Found these two XOXO
inspired pieces for just $1! http://www.shopmissa.com
Headbands are also a good give away as well, buy them in bulk
at an online store or eBay. They have them available at Shop Miss A
for $1! (see link above)

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