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Time for the Doctor Who Party! Now that I know you’ve all had your Sherlock parties! I love to decorate but don’t like paying a whole lot for it so I’ve once again planned this around cost. Imagination and creativity is again in order. Below, I’ve put together a list of ideas for a Doctor Who inspired party. Take from it what you will, leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or if you do have a Doctor party I want to see pictures!
Not necessary now that we all have
Facebook, but always a nice
thought to any party!
‘Bad Wolf’ or ‘Hello Sweetie’ Signage
Now you don’t have to paint it
on the wall like this guy did.
Window paint will do just fine!
Hand in a Jar
You’re lying if you can’t find one
of these lying around from Halloween.
And those who do get it, will get a real
kick out of it!
Tardis Door
This will take some time, but done
right, it will look awesome!
Construction paper and glue to the
A yellow plastic table cover,
marker, and tape make a great Cassandra!
Posters are a nice edition to any
themed party. Though they are expensive
to print. Try eBay, or print them
in smaller versions at home!
Hanging Streamers
Some yarn or string, some printed
images and you’ve got yourself your
very own streamers!
Space Cup Cakes
Couldn’t find a recipe for these, but
I’m sure you can use any old recipe.
Find either blue frosting, or use
food coloring. For the sparkles
I’ve seen edible ones at the grocery store!
These would probably be mostly
for decoration, but hey, someone
might eat a load of marshmallows!
Jelly Babies
Would you?
Fish Fingers and Custard
Now you can do real fish fingers
and custard, or you can do cookies
and vanilla pudding. Up to you…
Bow tie Pasta Salad
Self explanatory
Ginger Companions
Cause if you can’t be ginger, you
might as well have gingerbread cookies!
Ood Cupcakes
I think these are pretty darn creative!
Easy peezy! Ready made Fez!
Adult Drinks
I haven’t tried any of these, but they
sound pretty good! Feel free to make up your own!
Tardis Cake
I know there are many more complicated
Tardis cakes out there. Some are amazing,
but I’m being reasonable with decorating
here, so you’re welcome!
Keys (Party Favor)
Get some cheap keys and paint
them with sparkle nail polish!
Excellent party favors!

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