Game of Thrones Baby Shower Ideas


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I’ve never planned a baby shower or done a post on a baby shower before but I was asked by a Twitter follower for some ideas, so this is for you FraySnow! This is a Game of Thrones themed baby shower idea post. I played down the more gory themes of thrones, in favor of the lighter ones. As always, these ideas are based around a low-budget. Take from it what you will, leave a comment below if you have any suggestions. If have a Game of Thrones themed baby show I want an invite, or to see pictures!

Everyone needs invitations! Get these adorable
Stark/Targaryen ones on etsy.
Welcome Banner
Let the world know your having a baby!
And if you’re really keen, play the trumpet
noises as guests arrive.
House Banners
Pick a house, or make your own house
banner and sigil. Get creative and even make
your own motto! Get this one on etsy.
Guest Book
Make an adorable and rememberable
guest book with a cute image on the cover.
Bunting Sign
Make this with some paper, string, and tape!
Mother to Be Throne
Every mother to be needs a throne!
Both are super easy to make!
Weirwood Tree Table Decor
This will make a cute center piece without
taking up too much room. Find out how to
make it at this link.
Candles can get expensive so I say buy them
cheap at the dollar store or garage sales.
Goblets (plastic)
You can find these cheap at the dollar store
during Halloween. If it’s not October, I’d recommend
looking around online.
Bread, Cheese, and Grapes
It’s a nice spread that would definitely be eaten
at Kings Landing!
Cranberry Juice (or wine)
Cranberry juice looks enough like wine
so that the mother to be can pretend to
drink like Cersei!
Meat Pies
There’s tons of Game of Thrones inspired
recipes out there so make sure to look around.
Here’s one for Beef and Bacon pie!
Check out these pops worthy of Needle!
You can get them on Amazon.
Cookies & Cake
Pick either or do both! All these designs
are totally worth of the Iron Throne!

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