Disneyland Archives Exhibit at D23 2015


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This past weekend I attended D23 for the first time ever! I went Saturday and Sunday. However, between the heat and the fact that I was wearing black on Saturday for my Dark Swan (Once Upon a Time) cosplay, I didn’t last long. Here’s a few photos from Saturday I took with some other awesome Emma Swan cosplays! Also a photo with Captain Hook at the abbyshot booth!


Sunday I stood in line for over an hour to get into the Disneyland Archives exhibit. It was really the only big exhibit there so I really, really wanted to make sure I got in. Some of the items were really awesome, like the first Disneyland ticket ever sold! Others, I wasn’t much impressed by. I really did want to bring home the miniature Electrical Parade display (see video). Anyone else think Ben Franklin is scary???? Overall, this was the most impressive thing to me at D23. It was nice to see some of the Star Wars costumes and such, but I wanted there to be more exhibits like this. I’m not big on announcement panels so I didn’t bother with those. I know a lot of people attend D23 for the exclusive merchandise, I wasn’t interested in that. It’s just more $$$ to fly out of my pocket. All in all, I don’t think spending anything more than a day at D23 is worth it. Check out all the photos below.


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