Supernatural Party Ideas


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Supernatural fans! I’ve been neglecting you! Here’s a party ideas list to make up for it! One I think Sam and Dean would definitely be proud of! I hope you guys enjoy! Post a comment if you have a Supernatural party!
FBI Badges


Print your own at home, just swap out the photo.
Or keep it, it’s up to you, I don’t judge.
Mini Impala
Get a mini impala for table decor!
Toy Shotguns
Now go get those demons!
Table decor, or just that demons bones that you’ve
been torturing!
Beware Hell Hounds Sign
Print your own, or just make a home
made sign saying ‘Beware of Hell Hounds’.
Wanted Signs
Print at home.
EMF Meter
Get crafty or find a techie friend to help
you construct!
Pie, for your Pie hole
Hone your baking skills!
Everyone loves burgers!
Need I say more???
Cheap, easy, just get crafty with your cutting.
Supernatural Cookies
These adorable cookie cutters are
available for a steal on etsy!
Oiji Board and Conjure Those Spirits
Find at your local store or ebay.
Check out this extensive soundtrack!
Salt (goodie bag)
Always have goodies for guests!
Temporary Tattoos (goodie bag)
You can even put them on during the party
or give them out in a goodie bag.

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