Cosplay Dreams 3D, A Love Letter to Cosplay


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Cosplay Dreams 3D documentary film takes the world of cosplay and breaks it down into its simplest form. What draws people to cosplay, what they love about cosplay, and what they have taken away from their experiences encompass the heart of the film. This structure makes it an easily digestible film for those who are unaware of the cosplay world, yet still enjoyable for those who are experts.

The film follows along a set of cosplayers, all from different backgrounds. Fanboy Brandon has turned his passion for cosplay into bringing entertainment to children by providing costumed characters at children’s parties. Not only has he brought enjoyment to others, he has met his girlfriend while cosplaying. Many people in the cosplay community have not only made friends, but have met significant others while cosplaying. Brandon is also a father. He encourages his daughter to partake. When asked what she’d like to cosplay in the future, she exclaims ‘Jack Sparrow!’ The fact that she has no hesitation on taking on a character that is male shows just how much excitement she has for cosplay. Where some little girls are dressing up as Princesses, she’s looking to take on the Black Pearl.

Ginger, who builds her own cosplays, is my favorite of the group. She doesn’t allow age, gender, or race to influence who or what she wants to represent. She discusses cosplaying Princess Peach, and mentions that someone had asked her if she was cosplaying ‘a black version of Princess Peach’ in which she responds ‘I’m just doing Princess Peach.’ She went on to mention ‘at the end of the day, you’re going to be whatever race you are so you just need to embrace that and not try to be someone that you’re not.’ You can’t change your race for a cosplay, so you just need to rock the cosplay and think more about the meaning of the character than looking identical to the character. I think this is an awesome message to all cosplayers, no matter what race, age, or sex you are. Ginger also helped form Chocolate Covered Cosplay.

All sorts of people use cosplay to transform into characters from history, comic books, video games, TV, and film! Cosplay Dreams 3D is an excellent documentary to showcase the lifestyle, artistry, and culture of Cosplay!

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