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I recently realized there wasn’t any Agents of Shield Party Ideas posts out there. So of course I had to do one. I’ve been neglecting AoS for a little while so here’s a post to make up for all of that. Hope you guys enjoy! Post a comment if you have a Agents of Shield party!

Invites, They’re Classified
This image is from a wedding, but you get the idea.
Print on manila paper to get the proper look.
Dress Code (Black)
You can either encourage guests to cosplay as their
favorite Agent, or just go with good old black.
ID Badges
You can either print out some Agent badges with
show characters on them, or Photoshop your friend’s
names in.
Shield Logo
Now depending on if you want to be pre-Cap 2,
or post-Cap 2. This is up to you. You can easily make
this with some poster board.
Look on Ebay/Amazon for model Lola’s
(aka 1962 Chevrolet Corvette) or get a poster.
T.A.H.I.T.I. Sign
Either one works, your choice. Print out
and place where ever you like.
Writing on the Wall
I would recommend putting up some poster
board, or an old sheet if you have one.
Then write away!
Obelisk (Tin Foil)
This will be a bit of a pain to make, but it’s possible.
I’d make a form out of clay or something pliable, then
wrap in tin foil.
Keep everyone alert with proper signs!
Because everyone looks cooler with sunglasses
right? You can find them on Ebay for one cent!
Shield Cookies
Found these on Etsy, aren’t they awesome!
Shield/Hydra Cupcakes
Order some edible cupcake toppers, or if you’re
talented enough, make them yourself.
Captain America Shield Fruit
Get creative with your food and make something
AoS related!
Adult Drinks
For the 21+ crowd…
(Originally from
The Fitz Sandwich
Cause it’s not an Agents of Shield party till
you have a Fitz sandwich! Find the recipe at
Nerf Guns/Water Guns
Depending if it’s hot out or not, use either
Nerf guns or water guns for target practice!
Game of Assassin
Some of you may have seen this game of Gossip Girl.
I’ve always wanted to play! Here’s how it works, everyone
wears a picture of themselves around their neck (attached
with a string). Pick the parameters of the game (ie. block your
house is on) and run around trying to grab everyone else’s
picture off them. If your picture is taken, you’re “dead.” You also take
the picture of anyone else that person has killed. The last person
to be “alive” with all the cards at the end of the game is the winner.
Game of Hail Hydra
Another game you can play if you have enough people
is Hail Hydra. 3 or more teams. 1 team is secretly Hydra.
This team will be randomly selected by the game keeper.
Every team has a set of riddles to solve for clues to find the
Tesseract. The teams can work together, however they must be
careful because they don’t know which team is Hydra.
Very general rules, run with it.
Cake, Cake, Cake!
Cause a party needs cake!
(Image from

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