QueersPlay Cosplay Challenging Stereotypes


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QueersPlay Cosplay was founded in 2014 by cosplayers Kimber Brightheart and Dommenique Dumptrux. To challenge the toxic masculinity, homophobia, misogyny, transphobia, and transmisogyny that often runs rampant in convention culture.

Today QueersPlay has 6 queer and transgender collaborative members. Including the co-founders, Ari Stanley, Paige Elise, Malice Aforethought, and Leigh Hellman. QueersPlay aims to create safer spaces at their booth for marginalized communities within convention culture. While also selling art and cosplay prints, hair accessories, jewelry, and apparel.

Grassroots Community

Additionally, QueersPlay aims to contribute to the most vulnerable in the queer and Trans communities. Donating to grassroots organizations that benefit LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness and incarcerated transgender people.


QueersPlay Cosplay Challenging Stereotypes
QueersPlay Cosplay Challenging Stereotypes

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