Realize Your Inner Super Heroines at Geek Girl Strong


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In every story, every protagonist is met with challenges and usually they need some help.
(Luke Skywalker needed more than one person!)

So a guide has to step in with a plan.
(“Feel the force Luke…”)

The protagonist must answer this call to act for the story to continue.

The action they take will either succeed or fail, either way it leads to a pretty great story.
(Enter Rey and Kylo Ren)

Are you ready to continue your epic story?

Geek Girl Strong is ready to be your guide if you’re ready to be the heroine of your own trilogy.

Geek Girl Strong (GGS) is on a mission to help all girls & women realize that they are the super heroines they have been waiting for. GGS an inclusive health-coaching community for EVERY body, targeting girls and women who do not fit into any one box. They care about or are interested in their overall wellness and would like a sidekick by them during their journey.

Members better their overall health & wellness by focusing on the three Geek Girl Strong Targets:

Mental/Emotional Health: Mana
Physical Activity: Energy –
Nutrition: Energy +
No matter your personal goals, GGS aims to help you save yourself!

  • Accept your body
  • Lose or gain weight
  • Become “fit” and “toned”
  • Eat better even when away from home
  • Create a schedule you can keep even when work is crazy…

We all deal with body stuff, and sometimes we could just use a sidekick to help kick down the barriers.

Geek Girl Strong Offers:

Geek Girl Strong was created for girls who want more complex female characters, because that’s what we are!

For more information check out the website:

Find us on Facebook at: Geek Girl Strong [Link:]
Find Stormy Riot on Instagram and Twitter: @ms_stormyriot


Realize Your Inner Super Heroines at Geek Girl Strong

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