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Been too long since I’ve done a party ideas post! So here’s my ultimate Harry Potter Party Ideas! Some of these ideas are from other blogs which are all created back to. I purposely left out food since there are tons of other posts on that. Any questions or suggestions feel free to comment below.

Invites (aka Hogwarts letters)

Get creative and write your letter to your friends.
Remember, to make it look like the film version use some
ivory paper from your local office supply store, the below
are from Staples. You can also download the Harry Potter
font here at dafont.com.

Wall Decor (Wanted Posters)

Print at home and hang these on the walls.

Chamber of Secrets

I did this for my Halloween party, super easy!
All you need to do is use some red lipstick to write…

Hogwarts Portraits

Remember the talking and moving portraits from
Hogwarts? Pull out those old holographic portraits from
Halloween and use them to get a similar effect!

I Don’t Like Spiders!

Used these at Halloween as well, super easy.
Get some black paper, punch out a bunch of spiders
and use double stick tape to paste them to the wall.
Form them in a line to make them look like their
heading off to the forest! Find the punch at a craft store

Wands! Wands! Wands!

I won’t even pretend to explain as well as
so make sure to check out the link!
Or if you’re lazy, you can find some cheap on ebay.

Moaning Myrtle

Ah, who doesn’t want to see Myrtle in their
bathroom? Print, cut out, and paste in bathroom.

Snakes in the Chamber! (pot, LOL)

Spray paint a rubber snake and tape it to your
sink. Image and idea from

Floating Letters

Get some of those envelopes you bought for the
invitations and use them here. Fishing wire and tape
to paste to the ceiling is all that’s needed.

Get Sorted

Use this Buzzfeed quiz, or any online quiz for that
matter, and get sorted! Then have these house crests
printed out for your friends to wear.

House Flags

Show your Hogwarts pride by hanging these
House flags! For $8.99 a piece it can get a bit pricey,
but you can always print your own as well.

London to Hogwarts Signage

Make sure your wizard friends know where they
are going! Post this sign on your door!
At $1.75 it’s a steal!

Whomping Willow Warning

Have a tree near your place? Post this in front of it
to warn your guests! $1.93


As always, be careful with this, but candles are a
good idea to set the mood. Find them cheap at
garage sales, or you can put out a bit of cash for
Spine Candles like Dumbledore’s.

Mandrake Cakes

This adorable idea came from
sure to check out the blog!

Ministry of Magic Sign

Paste this on your toilet so your friends don’t
accidentally leave your party to head to MoM!


Bring out those plastic cauldrons from Halloween!
Should only set you back a couple bucks if you
don’t have them already.

Cats, Rats, and Owls

Remember that stuffed cat you have? Bring that
out, as well as the plastic/rubber rat from Halloween.
And who could forget the owl! $5.20 here.

Restricted Section

Want to keep your guests out of part of the
house? Put up a restricted section sign,
or just chain everything (LOL).

Chess Game

If you happen to have a chess set at home,
this is a good time to take it out.

Socks for Dobby

This is an adorable nod to Dobby,
it is also super easy, everyone has socks!
Image and idea from

Nearly Headless Nick

Recreate this scene with a styrofoam head from
your local craft store. I did this for Halloween
and the head was about $5. Paint it to look like Nick.
You can find a cheap wig on ebay.

Goodie Bags

Don’t forget to give your guests goodie bags
before they leave! You can find loads of HP
stuff on ebay for a penny! Here’s some of the stuff
I just found!

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