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Only a day ago I was at San Diego Comic Con 2016, but it already feels so long ago! This year seemed to have less people than the previous year. I heard this sentiment from other sources as well such as local restaurant employees. While there seemed to be less people in general, I also didn’t see as many cosplayers outside of the con. It should be noted that I didn’t have a badge and I’m told there were a lot more cosplayers inside the con. However, in previous years I’ve seen tons cosplayers outside the con. Weird. Did anyone else notice this?

Although I saw less of them, there was still some amazing cosplays! I started off my Thursday morning at the Game of Thrones Hall of Faces line. Lined up at 8:30a! As per usual it’s rather hot in San Diego, so I was prepared with Nerd Out fans to hand out to attendees! You can see them in some of the photos below.

Friday was the SherlockeDCC party which was sponsored in part by Nerd Out this year! Saturday was the Game of Thrones cosplay meet up (of course listed on the app)! They started the meet up inside the con, which I wasn’t able to attend. However, they were kind enough to move their meet up outside the con for those without badges. Bravo on thinking of others! I had a blast there as I debuted my first original cosplay! I created a warrior Sansa Stark which I think turned out rather well!

What was your favorite cosplay this year?

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    The Winterfell Sansa in the photo with you is Goblins Go Cosplay on Facebook! Great pictures!

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      Oh I'll let her know!

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