Harry Potter Trivia Night at Mission Brewery


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My magical day started when an owl shows up on my doorstep with an invitation to a mind challenging experience. It would be awesome if it did happen that way but it is still awesome that I got invited to go to a Harry Potter Trivia night a tMission Brewery!

Harry Potter Trivia Night

The place was packed and everyone is excited to test their knowledge on Harry Potter. I brought my Ricoh Theta 360 camera with me to record some of the festivities.

Thanks @nerdoutapp and @missionbrewery for an awesome Harry Potter Trivia Night #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

They drove all the way from Tijuana to be a part of this awesome Trivia night. @nerdoutapp @missionbrewery #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

This group of people drove all the way from from Tijuana just to be part of this magical brain challenge.

Trivia night won’t be complete without the sorting hat. @nerdoutapp @missionbrewery #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

This group, and probably most people that were there, fell in love with the book first.

What’s a Harry Potter Trivia Night without a cool quill. @nerdoutapp @missionbrewery #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

As the master of ceremonies gives out the questions, this group uses a magical quill to write their answers. As the muggles and wizard test their skills, we have two groups that made it to the top!

Almost first place! It’s ok the donuts looks so yummy! @nerdoutapp @missionbrewery #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

2nd place

Yey! Winning team! @nerdoutapp @missionbrewery #theta360 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

1st place

The Brains Behind the Event

I needed to know the brains behind this, so I started asking questions and found these two guys.

Harry Potter Trivia Night at Mission Brewery
Jordan Olels and Evan Johnson of Neumos

Tell me more about how both of you started doing Harry Potter trivia?

Harry Potter Trivia — as we know it — was started in our small neighborhood bar last December as a way of bringing in some more extra people on an off night. What we had hoped would bring 50 people through the door ended up being a huge success with hundreds of people standing in line outside, hoping to celebrate their mutual love for the book series.

From there, we decided to build and evolve the night in to something more magical than your normal trivia night held in a bar. We’ve begun taking the show on the road (San Francisco, Chicago, etc.) The sky is the limit for what can be done and we’ve only just begun to really develop what Harry Potter Trivia can become.

Harry Potter Trivia Night at Mission Brewery
Harry Potter Trivia Night at Mission Brewery

I know both of you are from Seattle, what made you come down here in San Diego?


Mission Brewery actually reached out to us asking if we could come down for a few nights to host. It was a great fit and we hope to come back!

Who is the bigger Harry Potter fan?

Hahah. We are both pretty invested in the series at this point but I might edge out Jordan a little bit since I began reading the series before him and I am the one who writes the questions so I have been rereading each book very intently. That being said, we both love the series for our own reasons so it is a good balance.

Harry Potter Trivia Night at Mission Brewery

After San Diego, which city is next?

Our next night is back in Seattle on August 9. Following that, we are headed to Chicago for two nights at Lincoln Hall on August 17 & 18. Very excited to bring the show to Chicago for the first time!

Do you have other Trivia Nights lined up? If so, where, when and what topic?

Harry Potter Trivia is its own thing at this point. However, it did spark a weekly series at our neighborhood bar where we host a different themed trivia every Tuesday. We’ve done everything from The Office, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and Game of Thrones. They are a lot more casual but still very fun.

Which character from Harry Potter resembles the other person the most and why?

Jordan has always been Dobby to me ha ha ha. Very loyal and hard working. He just gives off the funny vibe that Dobby carries in everything he does. Also, it would be the funnies thing to see him dressed up as a house elf so there is that.

Harry Potter Trivia Night at Mission Brewery

Any parting words? People to thank?

A HUGE shoutout and thank you to Mission Brewery. They were the best hosts and really put a lot of work in to the nights. A special thank you to Julia and Jen who helped make the whole night run smoothly. Also, their beer was amazing so we highly recommend trying it if you haven’t. We hope to return to San Diego sooner than later!

Overall, it was a success! Thank you all who participated to this event and made it possible. Hope to see you again soon.

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