Happy 1st Birthday Nerd Out App


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One year ago, on August 7th, 2015, the Nerd Out app was launched in app stores! We have come a LONG way since then. Not only has the look, the cities listed, and features changed, but the company has changed. We have grown and learned from our users. Without you all, Nerd Out wouldn’t be in existence. I built this app to help Nerds like myself and I am proud of what it has become. Happy 1st Birthday Nerd Out App!

Happy 1st Birthday Nerd Out App

The Nerd Squad

Today was list events for 31 locations internationally! We have 43 members of the Nerd Squad across the United States and England that help submit events for thousands of Nerds! These fine folks donate their time to helping others. I’m proud to have them on board!

“Michelle, I just wanted to thank you for having the awesome vision to produce something fantastic that has brought us all together. Every time I hand out a nerd out card to some one and show them the app, watch their eyes light up on how it is not just another Facebook but a real community and event locator, I get excited. Then add your awesomeness, and drive to bring us together… I am just in a awe of you… Thank for for being you and being awesome…” – Sean (Nerd Squad member)

Thousands of Events

We have listed thousands of events over the last year. Everything from Tabletop Game Day to performances with Bellydancing Wookies to Harry Potter trivia nights. We have even hosted some of our own trivia nights thanks to The Perky Nerd! Lastly, we have exhibited at a number of conventions throughout southern California!

I’d like to thank the comic book stores that have supported us and been kind enough to hang our posters in their ship windows and display our cards for their patrons. It’s this supportive community that makes Nerd Out possible! I’d also like to thank Monica and Chris for not only helping with events, but being a support system for Nerd Out!

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I’d like to share a story I was told just a couple weeks ago during San Diego Comic Con at the SherlockeDCC party. This story exemplifies the purpose and mission of Nerd Out.

“I want to thank Nerd Out app & all of its contributors for helping my friend fin her community in a new town. My friend is transgender & recently moved to Las Vegas for a new job. Her work environment is not a welcoming environment & so she has not yet come out to her coworkers, making her feel even more isolated in a new town. I recommended she check out Nerd Out app for Magic meet ups or gatherings for her to reconnect with fellow players in Vegas. She now has a slice of her Magic community from which to find a bit of home in a new town. Thank you for helping create the environment for finding our nerd/geek communities in new places.” – Izzy

This Friday we’ll be hosting Nerd Out’s 1st Birthday party! I’m thrilled to have the fabulous people who have supported Nerd Out attending as well as some fine folks from the Nerd community attending.

Here’s to another year! More locations for the future! And attending more conventions to meet even more of you lovely Nerds!

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