Library Bards are Nerd Parody at It’s Best


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This past fall I was contacted by the Library Bards to have their upcoming shows put on Nerd Out. After putting their shows on the app, I checked out their YouTube videos. What I found was a gold mine of nerd parody! If you love the Hilllywood show, you’ll love the Library Bards. Library Bards are nerd parody at it’s best!

All About That Space

One view of their “All About That Space” and I was hooked. Like seriously, I’m not kidding. If Nerd Out had a theme song, it would be that song. If you’re a literary nerd, or even just a nerd, you should definitely check out their ‘”Grammar Got Run Over”. Points to anyone who can name every literary person in the video! I tried and didn’t get everyone on the first watch!

Library Bards, Nerd Parody at it’s Best

I had been asked to help find talent and vendors for an Orange County event back in October. It happened to be perfect timing as the Library Bards were able to perform. They showed up and were the best thing about that event. Truly! Even the folks that weren’t huge nerds enjoyed the enchanting show. People were even peeking into the window to watch them. Check out a couple of clips and photos from their performance below.

The Library Bards bring a lot of energy and excitement to their shows. Props, costumes, and audience participation is all part of the nerd-tastic show! I highly recommend seeing them if they are headed your way. They’ve been performing at cons as of late so make sure to follow them on social media (linked below) to see when they’ll be coming to a location near you. After their show they signed a CD for me that reads ‘We <3 Nerd Out!’ Thanks guys!

You can also check out our app for the Library Bards future performances.

Library Bards are Nerd Parody at It's Best
Library Bards are Nerd Parody at It's Best
Library Bards are Nerd Parody at It's Best

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