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You know when you’re shopping in the middle of the night, scrolling and scrolling on your phone and you find something amazing!?! Well, that was me with Siegda‘s etsy page! It’s the nerdy shoe store of your dreams! I honestly wanted to buy 10 pairs right then and there! But like any good shoe person, I’ve started with one pair…
Exploding TARDIS platform high heels

Siegda which is run by Tara and Brenton is based in Columbus, Ohio. All of their products are carefully designed for us nerds. They’re even open to customizing! It doesn’t get better than that!

Don’t see something you like? All of our designs are easy to transfer to any style of shoe. Feel free to message us and we will put together a custom order just for you!

Harley & Joker high heels
I personally wore their Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff design to Nerd Out’s 1 Year Anniversary Party! Truth be told I actually chose to do Black Widow because of these heels! I fell in love with them at first sight! Now, I have a problem with any shoes these days. Mostly because I’m a heavy stepper, I believe. I have to wear insoles with all shoes for support else my feel hurt. So for these shoes, I purchased Pedag Lady Gel-Velvety Insole for High Heels. I wore them for nearly 3 hours and I was standing the whole time. That’s pretty darn good!

Black Widow platform high heels
Now they have more than just heels, you can get flats and wedges as well. The Disney ones especially would be great for a day at Disney or Disneybounding! They have tons of Disney princesses from Else to Cinderella to Belle! Orders take a couple weeks due to an influx in orders and their strong commitment to customer satisfaction. Current production time is 6 WEEKS after the order date.
The Princess Collection- Princess 4 Pack- Ballet Flats
I’m looking forward to building my Siegda collection!
See even more designs at their etsy store.

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