Street Food Cinema: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


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This past weekend, after a fun filled day at Nerd Bot Con, the Nerd Out team headed over to Victory Park in Pasadena for a Street Food CinemaWho Framed Roger Rabbit screening! I’m a huge fan of the film so I was delighted to see it on a big screen. Street Food Cinema surprised us with a table front and center of the gumbo screen they had setup! It was a lovely setup they had of blanket, table, cups, wine opener and assorted picnic needs.

Food and Films

Street Food Cinema was launched in 2012 and has been going strong since. They bring together the best films, gourmet street food, and live music to one place! Speaking of food, they had quite the selection of food trucks conveniently lined up nearby. There seemed to be something for everyone as well as a special Roger Rabbit themed dessert. After a long con day, I got myself some pulled pork fries from Comet BBQ! Yum! Note, get there early for food, these events are popular so there will likely be a bit of a line. Then, we settled in…

Street Food Cinema: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Street Food Cinema: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


There was a live band that performed followed by an audience game! Participants got to wear a film noir style trench coat and hat which was adorable especially with the kids playing. Directly following the game they started the film. I was slightly worried about the sound, we were in a park after all! However, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and picture of the film. The film was a hoot, as expected, and was enjoyed by all. Lots of laughter throughout the crowd, and this event was pretty darn well attended. I look forward to attending more Street Food Cinema screenings!

Street Food Cinema: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


Street Food Cinema: Who Framed Roger Rabbit


You can find upcoming Street Food Cinema events on the app for  Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix or on

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Street Food Cinema: Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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