Geeky Gatherings is Your Nerdy Event Planner


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Geeky Gatherings is your nerdy event planner business based in Chicago, Illinois that creates the best events in time and space! Founded in June of 2016, they are just starting out and are excited to get things moving. Whether an after party, movie premiere, murder mystery, birthday, wedding, fundraiser or corporate event, they will bring your fandom to life and create unique experiences you’ll treasure forever.

Geeky Gatherings is Your Nerdy Event Planner


Nicole Williams, the founder of Geeky Gatherings, started the business when she realized she was hosting way too many themed birthday parties in her private life. From Pixar to Broadway to Marvel vs. DC, it was clear that this was her calling and that she should go professional. She has professional and volunteer experience planning a number of events including galas, block parties, staff events and more.

Geeky Gatherings is Your Nerdy Event Planner

A Growing Business

Danny Sarelas joined on as a partner shortly after the founding of Geeky Gatherings and promptly set up their first event, the after party for Valor Con in Chicago on October 1-2. With a network of connections to people and places in Chicago, he has planned informal gatherings for years and, like Nicole, is excited to turn that experience into a professional business.

Geeky Gatherings is Your Nerdy Event Planner

Geeky Gatherings is looking forward to their launch party on Friday, October 21st, at 8:30 pm at Uptown Underground in Chicago. There you’ll get to see what they’ve accomplished so far and ideas for the future, with live video game music by The Superbytes, a raffle, costume contest and more! Come by for free swag and stay for all the fun and excitement, they’re looking forward to seeing you there!

Check out Geeky Gatherings on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and their website!

Geeky Gatherings is Your Nerdy Event Planner

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Nicole Williams
Fangirl, Slytherin, ballroom dancer, founder of Geeky Gatherings and member of the Nerd Squad.
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