Jordandené: Fandom Fashion for the Whole Family


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Jordandené: Fandom Fashion

for the Whole Family

In the dead of night, a triumvirate of crafty Brooklynites works tirelessly to provide the world with quality, nerd-friendly clothing, bags, and tees. Surrounded by coffee and notepads filled with brilliant insights, apron measurements, and ink, founder Jordan Ellis, chief sewist Maggie Stewart, and screen printing extraordinaire Kira Silver laugh madly as they work into the wee small hours of the morning to ensure quality product to dedicated consumers; Spreading love the Brooklyn way.

Okay, so maybe that’s just how I have romanticized the good works of Jordandené in my mind. Producing handmade goods featuring eco-friendly ink, these made in the USA feel just as good to buy as they do to wear. Their first product, the geek chic apron, was meant to put a geeky twist on a household staple. Perfect for the baking wizard that’s a nerd at heart. From there they branched out, putting a subtle hint of geek on everything from tees and tote bags to baby onesies, and undergarments.

Jordandené: Fandom Fashion for the Whole Family

Stark Trek Apron for when you want to explore what it means to be human, but also bake cookies.

Business in Brooklyn

Doing business in Brooklyn, the team behind Jordandené prides themselves on the community aspect of their work. While they do the sewing and screen printing in house, they team up with several places along the east coast to create the wonderfully whimsical crayon bandoliers. Designs are hand-lettered with traditional brush and ink, and the trio sew all aprons in house. Additionally, eco-friendly inks and packaging are company mainstays.

The beauty of the products at Jordandené is that, while they are clearly inspired by nerd culture, the geekery is subtle enough for everyday wear. Mostly comprised of quotes from a variety of popular fandoms including Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and the Star Wars, the shirts are a good combination of “this is what I love” and “I’m here to get things done”. This makes them perfect for everything from casual Fridays at work to movie dates, or even to “pick stuff up and put stuff” down at the gym. Basically, if you’re meeting your partner’s parents for the first time then heading out to game night, Jordandené tees might be your best bet for comfort in both settings. Besides, you may score some brownie points if Mom and Pop happen to know that “We’re all stories in the end”.

Jordandené: Fandom Fashion for the Whole Family

The perfects shirts for when you are low-key burdened with glorious purpose or have strong feelings about the state of the empire.

Jordan Ellis

According to founder Jordan Ellis, the most popular products on the website are the nerdy tanks. This is not hard to believe. When I go through an 80’s training montage in my mind, I easily picture myself wearing the Agent Carter inspired “I know my value” tank as I drag sleds burdened with heavy goods through four feet of snow. With that in mind, the adorable goodies made for the younglings among us should not be over looked. While I admit I have crayon bandolier envy, the accessory is the perfect piece for any budding artist (you know, kids everywhere) and the onesies and tees are the perfect way to let kids express their fandom without hearing disparaging comments from relatives who are not down with geek chic.

Jordandené: Fandom Fashion for the Whole Family

An artist should always know his or her value.

Stranger Things

So the next time you are in the market for a tote bag for your library books, a cozy sweatshirt, or even a pair of undies that proudly declare “Mischief Managed”, head on over to Jordandené and purchase at will. Can’t decide what to buy? Make it a mystery by grabbing a Mystery Shirt, starting at ten bucks. Order, wear, and then spread the love the Brooklyn way.

Jordandené: Fandom Fashion for the Whole Family

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