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This has been a long time coming! I’ve always been working on improving Nerd Out for you guys to give you the best of the best! Today a new chapter has been marked in our book. A new Nerd Out! We have some exciting things for the new app. First, our calendar is now available via our website! This calendar, as well as the app one, is provided by Allcal. We have teamed up with them to help fans connect! Use Allcal at all your favorite cons, then keep going as we¬†bring you events 365 days a year. You’ve probably seen Allcal before if you attended Los Angeles Comic Con or RuPaul’s DragCon. So, not only can you find us on our app, but you can also find us on theirs! However, my favorite new addition to the Nerd Out family has to be our¬†Top 5 Events Guides!

A New Nerd Out!

Top 5 Events Guides

We have thousands of events on Nerd Out. We understand that sometimes you don’t have the time to sort through all that. You need something to look at on the go. To help with that we’ll be providing you with a bi-weekly guide of events in select locations! Now only on our website, but also on the app and via a location based newsletter. Make sure to sign up for your location’s newsletter so you get the best of the best sent directly to your inbox!

We have scaled back on the number of locations listed. However, this is just temporary I promise! We will be getting back to our previous locations as well as adding new ones! Keep an eye on our social media for the next location vote!

And remember! Download our app!


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