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into the walker woods

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“We may be going into the woods…but we sure aren’t going to granny’s!”

One would not normally think ‘musicals’ when prepping for Comic Con. Yet, with the growing number of event outside of the convention you discover a whole universe of creativity. Enter in stage left, the Turning Tydes Theatre Company. Turning Tydes is a small, San Diego based start-up theatre company. Their goal, “turning mainstream on its side”. Aiming to push the boundaries of conventional theatre. So it’s no surprise they are the creators of Into the Walker Woods and The Phantom of the Empire: Return of the Opera.

The Phantom of the Empire: Return of the Opera

In an OPERA HOUSE far, far away…

This isn’t just a Star Wars musical, it’s a mash-up! Weaving together inspiration from the Original Star Wars Trilogy and the famous The Phantom of the Opera. Featuring songs such as “Rescue Me”, “Galactic Cowboy”, and “We Can’t Aim”. The Phantom of the Empire: Return of the Opera is a Fringe Festival Award-Winning show! No Jedi should miss this!

The Phantom of the Empire, written by Summer Blinco, with Jordan Hall Campbell and Shane Ruddick Allen

into the walker woods

Hello, Zombie Girl…

Mash-ups are Turning Tydes signature, making Into the Walker Woods no different. It’s their new creation featuring Sondheim’s prolific musical, Into the Woods and TV’s #1 TV Show, The Walking Dead! Featuring songs such as “Sanity, Suffering, Gore”, “There Are Walkers All Around”, and “Hello, Zombie Girl”. It’s also another Fringe Award-Winning show! It’s sure to entertain even the most unruly zombies. Covering five and a half seasons into an hour-long musical. Be prepared for lurching zombies, gratuitous southern accents, and a whole load of death!

Into the Walker Woods, written by Summer Blinco

Into the Walker Woods
nd The Phantom of the Empire will both be having shows during San Diego Comic Con 2017 (July 20 – 23, 2017). 

The Geoffrey Off Broadway
923 1st Ave
San Diego, CA 92101
(Part of Spreckles Theatre Building, next to taping for Conan O’Brien)


Single-Show: $16
Double-Feature: $27

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